Self Actualization: Self-Examination or Self-Research?

One of the most important thing in your life should be knowing yourself. Your first and foremost task would be to find an answer to the most elementary question in life:

Who am I?

In order to be able to answer that question, first you need to find the person who has suffered the experience of the world of forms and shaper, you need to find the experiencer! To that end, you need to do self-research.

It is very important, however, that self-research is not to be confused with self-examination. Self-examination always deals with the contents of the mind, it intends to classify and understand those contents. In other words: the mind is examining itself

Self-research is, on the other hand, a way out of your personal history and thus from your mind, in order to show you who you really are. It will take you back to your real Self.

At present you have an image of yourself, deeply imprinted by your upbringing, and you believe that you know who you are. This is entirely natural for you, an unquestionable experience.

You are the actual person who experiences the suffering generated by the mental patterns, you believe that you are the one who suffers, that is your experience. During meditation, during your stay in the state of ”I am,” you also experience that as a Consciousness, you are also independent of the works of mind.

That is how you oscillate between Alertness and sleeping, between something and nothing. If Alertness declines and you fall into a nap, you are again somebody. When Alertness has the upper hand, you are again the free space of Consciousness.

Most people who are in the process of waking up undergo that oscillation; we may therefore claim that is is a part of awakening up. Self-research is the best way of overcoming the alternation of the states of consciousness.


In the course of self-research you question your basic assumption that you are something or somebody. You are doing that by attempting to find the one you have thought yourself to have been.

You are only able to successfully accomplish that if the deeper dimensions of Alertness appear in you, you have experience about these dimensions. If your Alertness is not at the desired level, self-research may easily and unnoticed slip into self-examination that will certainly take you back into a nice spiritual dream.

How is the self-research to be carried out?

Self-research is a permanent readiness to find the person behind every experience that you suffer. Find out, who the person is who actually experiences that occurrence? Who are those who have expectations in connection with the specific situation or person?

You do not need to ask too many questions, and the questions themselves will have a power. When you seek all that, during your quest, vast energies are released, and that energy enables the deeper dimensions of Alertness to become stronger in you.

Under the effect of the increasing Alertness you will recognize that there is nothing there, nothing tangible and experienceable, only the works of the mind and the thoughts feeding it. The experiencer is but a thought without individual life and identity. It receives all its strength from you, from your Consciousness, because you identified with it and believed in it.

The End of Self-Research

Self-research ends in that effortless Alertness, and nothing is left of what you formerly regarded as yourself. Only the empty space is left, with no limits and borders around it, there are no intentions and desires. That space does not stick to, or identifies with anything

If you examine that apparently empty space, you will discover that it is not entirely empty. It is full of consciousness, which is radiating pure peace and natural joy.

At that moment you realize that you have arrived home. Whatever takes place in the space within you, you only need to experience it. You need to experience everything that life provides then and there, because the next moment is entirely new, does not have any relevance to the previous one.

The Intensity of Being

In that state of Consciousness you are free of any thoughts and the identification with those thoughts. There are no judgments, categorization; you no longer struggle with emotions and thoughts. All the three dimensions of Alertness are there, full-fledged, in you, you are Alertness itself. Alertness is the intensity of Existence, its highest possible intensity.

Now you experience yourself as the space of Alertness, Consciousness, and by the grace of the power of Sight you are able to see what is happening in that space. You, as an eyewitness, contemplate the work of your mind as thoughts and emotions manifest in it, stay there for a while, and then vanish. They do the dance of the forms and shapes in the space of Consciousness that in fact you are yourself .

You no longer meditate, you merely Exist. You do not stay in life, but in Existence. Staying in the Existence is recognized by seeing that the world is a Oneness. You do not identify yourself as an individual separated from the other creatures, but you see all the creatures of the world in yourself, and you discover yourself in every other creature in the world.

You recognize that identification of the immortal creature that you are with the body and mind is not a part of a devilish plot. It is, instead, a station in the evolution of the Consciousness. The purpose is that you should recognize yourself through your own experience; you should wake up from the dream of forms and shapes. That is how a human being is able to return to their real self.

Now you know that you are free, and nothing has ever been created but You, and only the Consciousness awakened to its own existence exists. 

From the book>> Frank M. Wanderer: The Flames of Alertness: Discover the Power of Consciousness!


(C) Frank M. Wanderer, 2013-2016.

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